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What Michael Attias Can Bring To Your Next Event…

If you are looking for a professional speaker, then Michael will not be a good fit…

But if you’re looking to bring in a professional who speaks, Michael has a lot to offer your group. As opposed to ivory tower theorists, Michael is a real person, who started washing dishes at 16, owned a real restaurant and achieved real results.

Michael opened his first restaurant in 1992 with no prior experience building, opening or running one. While waiting tables, he convinced a gentleman eating lunch at his station to back him on one of the first Corky’s franchises. Michael took that 104 seat restaurant from zero to over $3,000,000 a year in sales, a third of those sales, over a million dollars a year just in catering.

As a result of the successful marketing systems he developed for his own restaurants and those of his clients, Michael has traveled the country speaking and working with operators interested in kissing mass media advertising goodbye. His brand of high return, low cost marketing has earned him spots speaking for all the top food distributors in America, The National Restaurant Association (twice), state restaurant associations, national franchises and chains.

Your group will learn real, winning marketing strategies to boost dining room and catering sales without breaking the bank.

The video below is a presentation Michael showcased at Caterpalooza called: The Art & Science of Having A Competition Proof Catering Business

In this real time mystery shopping demonstration, Michael shows the work of 3 actual companies that catered lunch to the event and the small but powerful changes an operator can make to stand apart from their competition. Your clients, customers, managers and/or franchisees will walk away with some eye opening strategies to take home and use.

Below is an audio recording of a presentation Michael put on for the National Association Conference in Chicago entitled: Cash In On Catering: The Secret To Boosting Profits. Feel free to listen with the player below or download the MP3 file.

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Watch This Video To See Some of The Great Marketing Strategies Michael Will Bring To Your Group!

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