Proposal Creation

Stop Wasting Time Getting Proposals Out

Do you shrug at the thought of creating a catering proposal? You can easily eat up thirty to sixty minutes of your time creating menus, calculating prices, formatting a proposal and sending it out.

Just create your Catering Proposal Template in RCS, and the heavy lifting is done. By the time you finish interviewing your client, just hit send and a fully formatted Catering Proposal is sent to their In Box.


Quotes Cover Sheet

A professional looking proposal that gets to your client quickly reflects well on you and your business. Catering is about more than food. It’s about delivering on service, and the right proposal reinforces what you’ll do at the event. CLICK HERE to download a sample Catering Proposal

Descriptive Quotes

RCS takes proposals a step further. After your proposal is created, you are prompted to create a Calendar Call Back Reminder. There is no use working on proposals to drop the ball with follow up.


All Catering Proposals are highlighted on your calendar in pink. This allows you to easily see potential booking conflicts.

Proposal Calendar

When RCS reminds you to call the client back about their proposal, you just follow up and close that business. No more relying on your memory and scribbled notes. RCS handles it all.

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