Lead Nurturing

The fortune is in the follow up!

Failing to stay in front of your qualified catering prospects amounts to marketing suicide. Why would you go to such great lengths and expense to raise interest in your catering services and drop the ball when it comes to follow up.

RCS Has Developed A Comprehensive Lead Nurturing System

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Once your qualified catering prospects are entered into our CRM database, you can harness the power of RCS to convert more prospects into clients who come back more often. Our system includes an email module, Auto-Pilot mail module and telephone system. If you can’t be a prospect’s number one choice, you had better be number two.

By being in front of your prospects each and every month you build credibility and brand awareness. When your competition drops the ball or your prospect is looking to make a change, your company is the first one they think to call. In essence, failure to nurture leads devalues your marketing efforts by as much as fifty percent.

3 Ways To Nurture Leads

  1. Email Marketing: RCS has an email marketing engine built into our marketing system. Sending your qualified catering prospects an email message or promotion each month is a low cost nurturing strategy. You can send text and/or html email messages.
  2. Direct Mail: Many caterers believe email marketing is the “only” answer as it is free or virtually free. Well if your email never gets opened or read, it costs you money. With email open rates dropping each year, it would be foolish to rely solely on the internet. That’s why RCS has created a mail engine that allows you to use our prospect newsletter postcard or upload your own postcards to mail out each month. The cards are full color, glossy and 8”x5”. The cards go out while you sleep. The first step in standing out from the competition is to stand out each month in the mailbox.
  3. Telephone Calls: Adding telephone touches to your lead nurturing efforts makes a great impact. It allows you to do more than just “follow up”. You have an opportunity to connect and find common ground with your qualified catering prospects. We all do business with people we like and trust. Make sure and include the telephone in that mix.

RCS has a built in phone module. Any scheduled follow up calls pop up on your call list for the day. One click and a browser call is initiated, and the entire call is recorded for training and quality assurance purposes. Your team can easily make notes on their calls for simple review of sales activities.

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There are millions of systems that will remind you to call a prospect. Only RCS provides you a system to make calls from your browser and have all recordings saved for tracking and quality assurance purposes.
Phone System

RCS allows you to create and send your own text based and html emails. This is a low cost way to make sure catering prospects know who you are.